January 11, 2016

Holding Solitea acquires J.K.R, one of the leading Czech ERP software producers joins the Solitea family

Brno, January 11, 2016: Holding Solitea, a.s. acquires 100% of the shares in J.K.R., producer of BYZNYS ERP business information systems. Solitea thus manages to markedly reinforce their position as the leading supplier of ERP systems on the Czech market.

Solitea’s primary markets are the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria. In addition, the software and customised solutions are used in Hungary, Germany, Switzerland, Serbia, Finland and Turkey. Solitea is the number one on the Czech market with respect to the number of customers for ERP systems.

The vision of Holding Solitea is to provide products and solutions that aid in simplifying business for companies of all sizes. The acquisition of J.K.R. is a another step towards the fulfilment of this vision,” says Martin Cígler, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Holding and adds, “For Solitea the purchase of J.K.R. is a strategic investment with the aim of increasing the market share and also an opportunity for supplying our ERP system to large companies. Solitea has the largest number of customers for ERP solutions in the Czech Republic and, thanks to the consolidated utilisation of resources and know-how of all members of the holding, we can concentrate on the development of new products with increased added value for our customers.”

For us, Solitea is above all a strategic investor and represents an opportunity for fast growth due to synergies within the holding,” says Vladimír Králíček, General Manager of J.K.R., and continues, “Existing and future users of our BYZNYS ERP systems are the ones to primarily benefit from this merger, and not only as regards know-how and technologies, but also due to the availability of a broader range of solutions and services.”

About Holding Solitea

The Solitea family consists of the ERP software developer Cígler Software (Money accounting and ERP systems), Altus software (ERP system Altus Vario) and Vema (HR and ERP System Vema) – and now, in addition, of J.K.R. The holding employs more than 500 staff in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria and the consolidated revenues amount to 700 million Crowns.

Behind the Holding Solitea are Martin Cígler (founder of Cígler Software), Sandberg Capital Investment Fund owned by Martin Fedor (previously a partner of J&T), and Michal Máčel and Jan Tomíšek (original shareholders of Vema). More at www.solitea.cz.

About J.K.R.

J.K.R. employs around 100 staff at its head office in Příbram and branches in Brno and Teplice and is with a turnover of over 94 million the largest supplier of ERP business information systems on the Czech market. BYZNYS ERP business information systems have over 1,100 active installations in the Czech Republic and Slovakia in every business sector.

Among J.K.R.’s customers are the Central Group, Jednota České Budějovice, Marimex CZ, Nohel Garden, Poldi, Ravak, Ryor, Sapho and Vltava-Labe-Press. More at www.jkr.eu.


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