Many of our hundreds of thousands of customers grew together with us. Without them we would never be where we are today. We therefore take 110% care of each and every one of them. Always.

Commercial companies

ČEZ Energetické produkty
KTM Fahrrad GmbH
Bandi Vamos
Rupp Käse
Veletrhy Brno, a. s.
ČSOB a.s. Slovakia
VMD Drugstores
ČEDOK a. s.
Milos Structural Systems
Logit, s.r.o. - RadiciGroup
Lafarge Cement, a.s.
Technology s.r.o
W.A.G. Payment Solution
Marius Pedersen
Krajská zdravotní, a.s
Grafton Recruitment
Globus CR, K. S

SCANIA Management information system

Solitea Business Solutions built a unified platform for SCANIA used for presentation and communication of key indicators of the company, such as EBIT, revenues from sale of products and services, market share in comparison with competition or receivables and payables.

The supplied solution provides a central platform for displaying and analyzing consolidated performance indicators used by managers on all levels of Scania management throughout Central Europe.

We were looking for a long-term partner that would understand our needs and who would convince us of their skills. The solution supplied by Solitea Business Solutions was selected as a clear winner by our group of experts. During the implementation of the final version, the Solitea Business Solutions team managed to set the bar even higher. Pavel Křepela, Project Manager at Scania CER

ČEZ Energetické produkty Money S5 helps restore the landscape, Cígler Software


The key requirement of ČEZ Energetické produkty was the transfer of data into the SAP System. The implementation of ERP Money S5 made this transfer extremely fast. Furthermore, the system automated all required functions and enabled the company to monitor the profitability and economic benefits of planned events, including preliminary estimates.

XML transfer connects Money S5 with the Leonardo CRM application, with which it exchanges information about the directory of clients, orders, invoices, etc. The variability of Money S5 is also reflected in the custom-made functions, such as the Accounting Consolidation upgrade module, which creates reports for summary records of the ČEZ group. In addition, thanks to Money S5, ČEZ Energetické produkty was the first of the ČEZ group to start using electronic invoices exported from the system.

With Money S5 we gained an excellent tool that met all our expectations and for a reasonable price. Our worries that the initial costs of the data transfer between systems would be high have not been confirmed – everything is either completely automated or requires a single press of a button. The implementation was also a pleasant experience. The consultants reacted swiftly to all our requirements. Money S5 is intuitive and very easy to use. It has definitely been the right decision. Pavel Šléška, CEO

PRO-BIO Money S5 ERP system increases the efficiency of the production and sale of organic food, Cígler Software


In addition to standard functions, the new ERP system also had to satisfy other specific needs related to food and organic food production, including:

  • Monitoring the volume and origin of raw materials.
  • Connection to EDI system ensuring communication between chains of stores.
  • Import and processing of orders received from the company’s e-shop.
  • Function for fast and efficient dispatching of shipments.
  • Detailed recording of the production process including the option of retracing batches.

The Money S5 ERP system is key for our company. It helps us solve long-term requirements on monitoring the organic food production process. I would also like to praise the excellent cooperation during implementation. Cígler Software employees listened to our requirements and were always ready to find solutions. We also benefited from their methodological advice when solving partial problems. Ing. Karel Matěj, executive agent of PRO-BIO

AgroBio Money S5 helps with the loyalty system and with the e-shop, Cígler Software

Increased data security thanks to the MS SQL database server, user-friendly interface or immediate access to information necessary for company management – these are only a few of the advantages of the Money S5 ERP system implementation in AgroBio.

The above-standard openness of Money S5 allowed easy customization of the system to specific requirements of the company. For example, Cígler Software employees developed a communication bridge connecting the order system with the e-shop or supplied a module for the loyalty system. This system allows the client to work with points and customer accounts, including catalogue management with gifts and utilization of rewards. The whole process is additionally speeded up by automatic updating of the account status.

The thing I most appreciate about Money S5 is its openness, which allows transferring of data from difference sources. Furthermore, it provides us with input information for analyses and efficient managerial decision making. Implementation was also very smooth – we also needed to work with the creator of the e-shop and order system, and the professionalism and expertise of Cígler Software made the whole process much easier. Ing. Tomáše Nábělka, executive agent and business manager of AgroBio

Altisport Altus Vario in one of the leading clothing e-shops, Altus Software

Altisport is one of the highest ranking clothing e-shops in the Czech Republic, both as far as quality and popularity is concerned. The Altus Vario information system is used for management of all company processes.

Altus Vario helps the company with the complex management of business activities, ranging from stock management and record keeping of goods to dispatching and invoicing. Altisport also uses Altus Vario to process all accounting and payroll. It goes without saying that the system is fully integrated with the e-shop.

ČLPR Český lodní a průmyslový registr, Altus Software

Český lodní a průmyslový registr, spol. s r.o. is one of the largest certification companies in the Czech Republic. It uses Altus Vario both for its economic and business agenda and to monitor orders – certified companies.

In order to support these activities, Altus Software designed a special customized solution, used for example to calculate commissions.

GroupM Altus Vario secures financial operation for a global leader in marketing and advertisement, Altus Software


GroupM is a global leader in marketing and advertisement. In the Czech Republic this media group includes the companies MediaCom Praha, MindShare, and MEC Czech. The Altus Vario system secures the financial operation and processing of the accounting agenda of GroupM and its Czech companies.

With regards to the specific specialization of these companies, Altus Software prepared communication bridges for connecting to special systems used by media agencies (such as Buying or Sugar). The companies therefore have access to detailed data on business transactions, including monitoring of costs of individual orders.

KTM Fahrrad GmbH Data Systems Austria

KTM Fahrrad GmbH is a renowned manufacturer of bicycles with headquarters in Mattighofen in Upper Austria. It employs over 300 people and produces almost 200,000 bicycles a year and exports to more than 50 countries.

The company uses the JET Orbit solution to increase the efficiency of production and stock management. In addition, the system is fully integrated with the JET REWE financial accounting system.

The JET Orbit ERP system was successfully implemented 7 years ago and since then there hasn’t been a single problem that couldn’t be successfully solved by this system.” Georg Leberbauer, Head of the IT department, KTM Fahrrad GmbH

Bandi Vamos Altus Vario is used to manage the network of men’s formal wear Bandi, Altus Software

Bandi Vamos uses the Altus Vario information system for complete management of the company agenda, including processing of accounting records and payroll. Individual shops then use the POS module. This module is very user-friendly and is connected with the information system, which enables Bandi Vamos employees to manage sales, release of ordered goods, as well as complaints.

Thanks to web services, which are one of the possible extensions of the Altus Vario software, the system is also connected with the company e-shop. The company also especially appreciated the wide range of options of Altus Vario, allowing for instance the record-keeping of several size and color variants of goods.

PayLife Data Systems Austria


Paylife has long been a pioneer and largest provider of card payments in Austria and offers the expertise of many successful solutions. Today PayLife services around 68,000 ATM cash and approximately 15,000 Quick acceptance points and has over 1.33 million active payment cards in the field.

Paylife is a long-time user of the ERP-solution JET ORBIT for invoicing and of the financial accounting solution JET FIBU of DSA. Furthermore the users profit from a workflow-assisted search, modification and approval of important documents and receipts by JET DMS Workflow as well as from a customized JET Enterprise Portal solution for order management.

The JET ERP suite is not only a deeply integrated solution from a single source, but also open and flexible for the integration of third-party software solutions. The entire ERP application is very user friendly and helps the user optimize his/her work. All information is presented in a clear and practical way. Karin Kny, group leader vote & Billing, PayLife Bank GmbH

Rupp Käse Data Systems Austria

The joint-stock company Rupp Käse is the largest manufacturer of cheese in the Austrian federal state of Voralberg. It has over 100 years of tradition and most of the shares are still held by the Rupp family.

The company uses JET ORBIT and JET REWE systems by Data Systems Austria to manage all company processes, including production, stock management and accounting.

Veletrhy Brno, a. s. Vema


The company Veletrhy Brno, a. s. has been using the Vema human resources system since 2010, when it switched from a SAP system. Gradually it started using practically all Vema applications through the V4 Cloud service.

Vema applications used by Veletrhy Brno include for instance Payroll, Human Resources, Systemization, and Education. Smooth synchronization between the Local Active Directory and Human Resources is ensured by the Directory Services application. The solution supplied by Vema, a.s., also includes an employee portal for over 500 employees of Veletrhy Brno.

ČSOB a.s. Slovakia Vema

ČSOB a.s. Slovakia employs over 2600 employees and has used Vema, a.s., products since 2008, when it started using the Payroll and Human Resources application. The fact that the company gradually included other Vema, a.s., products to its portfolio bears witness of its satisfaction with these products.

At present the company uses other applications such as Systemization, Education, Attendance or the employee portal. ČSOB a.s. Slovakia also uses Workflow for HR processes, including the application for vacation planning.

VMD Drugstores Money S5 and SQL POS support the retail and wholesale of drugstore goods, Cígler Software


Speeding up of work and easier acquisition of loyal customers – these are only two of the many advantages enjoyed by VMD Drugstores thanks to the implementation of the Money S5 ERP. The system is connected with the company e-shop, which provides up-to-date states of all stocks and allows easy transfer of goods between brick and mortar shops and the central warehouse.

Another advantage is the connection of Money S5 with the SQL POS application. Its control using touch screens is fast and the connection to terminals with automatic communication eliminates errors made by employees. Furthermore, preparation and assessment of sales events is easier thanks to the central management of all POS. VMD Drugstores also appreciated the implementation of loyalty cards that motivate its customers.

ČEDOK a. s. Management Information System


For Čedok, a.s. (Plc.), we built a unified reporting platform, using the Microsoft BI platform, for daily monitoring and communication of key company indicators in areas of sales statistics, availability of flights, plan implementation and price comparisons. In the future, we plan to cover other areas such as the availability of destinations, performance analysis of eCommerce, online marketing and corporate websites.

"I cannot recall our industry being so hectic in the last 20 years. There is constantly something happening, which affects our sales. Lately, there have been many things happening simultaneously. The dynamic reporting from Solitea Business Solutions is an absolute necessity for our company." Radek Drechsler, CEO Čedok

Milos Structural Systems Solution built on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM

By implementing business process support, customer management and bidding, MILOS has gained a tool that provides accurate and fast overview of customers across the company, accelerates and improves the bidding process. It facilitates the work of the business team and eliminates mistakes in the bidding process. Sophisticated customer segmentation enables targeted communication to a defined customer portfolio based on predefined criteria. The company's management has gained an overview of business opportunities and orders through implementation of the solution. The development of the solution continues, according to the strategic plans of MILOS.

MILOS is a leading manufacturer of aluminum structures not only for the entertainment industry. Projects designed and implemented by MILOS are all over the world - in showrooms and concert halls, Open Air venues, sports events and schools. MILOS, by gradual acquisition of LITEC, TOMCAT and James Thomas Engineering, formed the Area Four Industries group as the leader in the aluminum construction market, offering a comprehensive range of services - design, construction, production, delivery and eventualy assembly.

Logit, s.r.o. - RadiciGroup Complete outsourcing of IT services


Logit, Ltd. is a manufacturing company belonging to the Italian concern RadiciGroup, namely the division Fibres (synthetic fibers). It deals with the processing (twisting and subsequent thermal fixation) PA fibers subsequently serving for the manufacture of carpets. Among the largest employers in the region Podbořany, where it has worked since 1999.

Chvalis Microsoft Dynamics NAV

After the successful introduction of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, we are able to perfectly manage service orders and production orders. We know what state we are in and we are able to identify potential problems before they occur Zdenek Bures, CFO CHVALIS

Lafarge Cement, a.s. Modernization of the control system of production

Modernization of the control system of production based on existing physical virtualization guests and operator stations with SuSE Linux to vSphere 5 using virtualized disk array HP LeftHand StoreVirtual. Very effectively used HP thin clients with X-Windows in the control room of up to four monitor configuration.

Technology s.r.o With Microsoft Dynamics 365 support for business and service is ensured

By implementing tools for support of business and service (Microsoft Dynamics 365), the TECHNOLOGY group has acquired a tool that covers complex external business and service processes. For users, implementation of the solution has brought a clear and on-line availability of customer information, making work more efficient and organized. Last but not least, it has improved the internal cooperation of the departments of the company that are in contact with the customer. The management of company has on-line customer overview from demand to delivery and after-sales service. It can easily track the fulfillment of sales targets in accordance with TECHNOLOGY's strategy to be an important and respected company in the packaging machines market and packaging material in the Czech and Slovak Republics.

The TECHNOLOGY Group is a purely Czech group of companies that has been dealing with a complete range of packaging machines and packaging materials for 25 years. More than 20,000 installed packaging machines and production lines rank the TECHNOLOGY Group as the leader of the Czech and Slovak market for packaging technology and materials.

W.A.G. Payment Solution Solution built on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM

The company W.A.G. Payment Solutions, Inc. (hereinafter W.A.G.) chose Microsoft Dynamics NAV, which together with a business solution for companies trading with fuel was implemented by CDL SYSTEM Inc. In a mutual cooperation with CDL were implemented many new functionalities requested by the gradual development of services and international expansion W.A.G. Collaboration continues with the introduction of dozens of other innovative projects annually.

W.A.G. is the creator of payment solutions for mobility brand Eurowag. Customers of W.A.G. use during their travels across Europe easy and totally secure solution for cashless payments fuels, road tolls and other services. W.A.G. represents a technology and innovation leader in the industry, developing its business activities in 25 countries in Europe. 

Marius Pedersen Microsoft Dynamics NAV


The company Marius Pedersen Inc. (hereinafter MP) used since 2014 economic information system Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 for the management of financials of the company. The project was implemented by CDL SYSTEM Inc. This implementation is one of the stages of an extensive project of company-wide information system, which also covers the agenda of customer relationship management, document management, economic information system, waste management and management information system. Before the final stages of the implementation of vertical solution for waste management was upgraded core information system to NAV2016. Currently the intensive implementation of sectoral solutions.

The company MP became the leader in the Czech market between bodies dealing with waste management. After 2000, the company expanded its services to other areas - maintenance of the green, summer and winter maintenance and repair of roads, maintenance of public lighting and facility management for industrial enterprises and public institutions.

CENTROPOL Disaster recovery solution


Group CENTROPOL has dynamic development and it was necessary to increase the availability of ICT, increasing the data storage capacity and performance of servers, and increase the scalability of ICT for future projects. Therefore was implemented the project of building a separate data centers - disaster recovery solution. In this project, the company CDL delivered and implemented two server farm with the virtual data storage that is used to operate information systems. Key systems include CRM for customer service, economic information system and tools for managing document flow. Due to the growing number of customers are intensively used systems and databases and infrastructure requirements are growing significantly.

The business of group CENTROPOL this saling of electricity, gas and telecommunications services to households, businesses and wholesale customers. The company is one of the most successful alternative traders on the Czech market and serves a very large customer base throughout the country. CENTROPOL has been regularly ranked in the prestigious CZECH TOP 100 Most Significant Companies in the Czech Republic. 

Krajská zdravotní, a.s Implementation of MS SQL cluster and the centralization of e-mail

A key challenge for the IT department was to ensure the central highly available and well managed systems for all users. Those long face problems with the performance of applications that use the older central database system. The complex was the management of electronic mail, which originally dealt with each hospital its own postal system and after an association of hospitals under the Regional Health, Inc. it was therefore necessary to manage the five originally separate systems in different versions, which was expensive and time consuming.

E.ON Managed documentation and ISO management system

Our solutions replaced the original document libraries that were operated on MS SharePoint 2003, and served only as an extended storage without additional application logic. Within the project we realized for E.ON IT Czech Republic Ltd. deploy advanced solutions for document management quality management system. The system uses the properties of the document library technology MS SharePoint 2010. By adding our proprietary management application documentation v5 solution now covers all processes for managing documents, especially Approval, Dating, Review and Reporting of documentation.

Grafton Recruitment Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Grafton Recruitment operates in six countries in Europe and is one of Europe's largest independent firms, placing experienced staff in all sectors and work positions. Its Czech branch belongs Temporary Staffing through service to one of the largest employers in the Czech Republic. The financial management and operation of demanding agenda associated with hiring employees of the Czech branch of Grafton Recruitment Ltd., since 2008, successfully helps Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Kolbenschmidt Complete outsourcing of IT services


Cooperation between KS Kolbenschmidt (hereinafter KSPG) and CDL was launched in 2007 as a complete outsourcing of IT services. CDL fully assume responsibility for on-site support and end-user workstations, running help-desk, remote management of server environments and IT cooperation with the parent company and the outsourcers. CDL provides SLA for addressing failures outside normal working hours, consulting activities for the development of IT systems and the design and deployment of security practices and guidelines.

KSPG is an internationally recognized manufacturer of pistons. It is part of Rheinmetall Automotive AG, a leading supplier of automotive industry with a global presence. That position is based on strict requirements for managing supplier and customer relations. IT technologies are therefore a key tool for process management in the organization and their reliability and functionality significantly affect the performance of the company. 

Lasvit Solution for managing sales, marketing and production activities


By implementing solution for managing sales, marketing and production activities, the group LASVIT received a tool that allows cover external business and implementation processes for highly personalized projects in various parts of the world, while maintaining the necessary internal standardization processes. Company management has an overview of the status of sales opportunities, customers, projects and their implementation, all in real time. For sales and production teams of LASVIT brings this solutions faster and better access to relevant information on projects and improve cooperation. The new management tool was implemented by CDL with solutions based on Microsoft products, specifically Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft SharePoint.

LASVIT is a leading manufacturer of luxury light installations and a collection of lights, who received a number of prestigious awards. Projects implemented by LASVIT can be seen all over the world - in luxury private residences, public spaces, luxury hotels and modern boutiques and other extraordinary interiors. 

Globus CR, K. S Synergic outsourcing of the Microsoft environment

Globus CR, K. S. operates in the Czech Republic, a network of 15 hypermarkets and three independent DIY stores. Its sales strategy is focused on the quality of goods and provision of high-quality sales services. Management of sales processes in many large stores brings high demands for quality assurance operation of information systems and technologies.

Public administration

The Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic
The City of Ostrava
Czech Bar Association
General Directorate of Customs of the Czech Republic
Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic
Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic
Republic of Turkey Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock
Ústí Regional Authority
Association of Austrian Social Security Organizations
The Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic, Tax administration and Office for Government Representation in Property Affairs

The Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic System for administration of consumption taxes


Solitea Business Solutions developed a system for the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic for complete administration of consumption taxes and support of agendas related to the collection and redistribution of fines and fees. The system is used by over 1,800 users, who have access to data about almost 2 million subjects.

The system provides the office workers with easy management of tax assessment, payment, process information and connection in relation to taxes, fines and fees. For example, the system manages:

  • Consumption tax calculation,
  • Tax confirmation records,
  • Records of distillation by growers,
  • Payment identification,
  • Redistribution of collected penalties and fees, their transfer to recipients as per the valid legal regulations.

The City of Ostrava Vema


Ostrava has been using Vema applications since 1996 and since 2010 the system has been centralized to include individual city districts in a shared data center. This allowed further development of the system and its integration with the Identity Management of the whole city.

Vema added further applications into the Ostrava system, such as Systemization, Education, Attendance and an employee portal. At present the system contains almost 70 attendance terminals. 

Czech Bar Association Internal information system


The information system used by the Czech Bar Association records members and manages related agendas, such as the obligatory and optional education of lawyers and trainee lawyers, support of lawyer tests or processing of complaints. The Association also uses the system to issue licenses to practice law and to verify the status of lawyers during hearings before judicial authorities of the Czech Republic.

The system records over 10,000 lawyers, trainee lawyers and foreign lawyers authorized to practice law in the Czech Republic.

General Directorate of Customs of the Czech Republic Central electronic gate


Solitea Business Solutions has developed a central electronic gate for the General Directorate of Customs of the Czech Republic. The gate is used to avoid the exchange of hard copies of documents between declarants, the Customs Administration of the Czech Republic and customs authorities of other EU countries. Customs procedures are therefore significantly faster and more easily accessible, as the processing of individual agendas is not limited by work hours of individual customs offices and is done continuously. The sophisticated solution of long-term archiving also minimizes the risk of misuse and forgery of customs documents.

The central electronic gate is used by more than 5,000 subjects, who exchange over 1,500,000 messages a month. The systems ensures communication for example for 

  • Export and import systems,
  • Consumption tax returns,
  • Submission of reports for Intrastat
  • European transit projects and records of selected products in the regime of conditioned consumption tax exemption. 

The system represents the key element of electronic customs administration as it secures reliable and legally binding electronic communication of the Customs Administration of the Czech Republic with the public. It significantly contributes to the excellent rating of Czech national parts of the e-Customs project in the European Union. Ing. Karel Uhlíř, CSc. National manager of e-Customs projects

Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic System for support of License Administration processes


The system used by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic significantly increases the efficiency of administrative proceedings, for example by generating decisions and resolutions from the prepared templates. The decision is then approved by employees and provided with an electronic signature and sent through the information system into data boxes. The applicants can also completely fill in the forms on-line and watch the progress of administrative procedures on the website of the ministry.

The system also communicates with various registers and systems, including systems of the EU and Customs Administration of the Czech Republic. Part of the system is also certified by the National Security Authority and therefore meets the requirements for confidentiality of information about issued licenses and realized transactions with military material.

Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic Integrated agricultural register


The integrated agricultural register records all livestock in the Czech Republic and thus enables tracing of potentially infected animals and timely inspection of meat. The system is also used as the official source for allocation of funds to agriculturists and keeps records of compliance with conditions for payment of these funds.

In addition to the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic the system is also used by another five supervisory bodies. The system contains information about more than 60,000 breeders and millions of livestock. The system is connected with several other information systems. The European Union rated the system as one of the best systems of its kind in all member countries.

Republic of Turkey Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock Central livestock register


The central livestock register is an information system used to record livestock (sheep and goats) enabling detailed monitoring of each animal from birth to slaughter. In case of infection the system is capable of identifying animals that came into contact with the infected livestock. This helps prevent further spread of the infection and the creation of an epidemic.

The system also offers a wide range of reports and geographic interface for presentation of summary information directly on the map of Turkey. The obtained information may be used as a source for analyses for grant applications. Currently the register records over 30,000,000 pieces of livestock and records about 18,000,000 transfers each year.

In order to make the system work we had to overcome the language barrier and understand different work customs of the foreign client and adhere to them. We managed to cope with all of these obstacles and successfully implemented the solution in accordance with the agreed schedule. Ing. Michal Opat, Division Manager at Aquasoft

Ústí Regional Authority The Technology Centre Usti Region

Ústí Regional Authority  realized during the years 2013 and 2014 with CDL project of the Technology Centre Usti Region to ensure robust, scalable, highly available and secure ICT infrastructure for the operation eGON center of the region, allowing the operation of key applications and information systems in continuous 24x7. Implementation of a new technology center included the construction of a new central IT infrastructure, guaranteed purchase new store, modernization and extension filing services, launching regional integration and digitization unit operated systems.

KÚÚK is a national organization, ensuring the operation of the higher territorial unit - Usti Region. IT technology for its operation employs about 550 workers organization, but central systems accessible to thousands of users from a region controlled organizations.

Association of Austrian Social Security Organizations Data Systems Austria

The association covers social insurance providers in Austria and its tasks include for instance creation of directives, articles and jurisdiction principles, representing providers or managing the central database of social insurance.

The association uses the JET REWE module for accounting and the JET DMS module for document management.

We have been cooperating with Data Systems Austria for a long time. We appreciate the high performance and scope of JET software solutions as well as its continuous innovations. However, what we appreciate most is the excellent support provided by DSA software consultants. It is clear that they truly respect their clients. Mag. Friedrich Hobel, head of the financial department, Association of Austrian Social Security Organizations

The Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic, Tax administration and Office for Government Representation in Property Affairs Vema


A significant part of the finance resort has been using the Vema information system since the nineties. In addition to practically all standardly offered Vema, a.s., applications, the employees also have access to numerous custom-made products and modules.

The Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic, Tax administration and Office for Government Representation in Property Affairs employs over 21,000 people, which makes this project the most extensive implementation of Vema products to date.

Health care

University Hospital in Motol
Czech Military Health Insurance Company
National Institutes of Public Health of the Czech Republic
AGEL group

University Hospital in Motol Vema


The University Hospital in Motol has used Vema applications since 2009. It uses practically the whole HR system by Vema, including a portal for all of its 5,100 employees.

We also successfully implemented the Attendance application into the complex operation of the hospital.

Czech Military Health Insurance Company Integrated information system

The information system by Solitea Business Solutions supports all key processes of the insurance company including processing of health care reports. It also includes a data warehouse with the business intelligence extension and a managerial system improving the decision making process. The software is connected with other systems with various content and technology architectures, such as:

  • Economic – operation system,
  • Filing service,
  • Portal of health insurance companies
  • or basic registers.

The system has over 400 users to process data on almost 700 thousand insured subjects. There are about 75,000 user transactions every day. Furthermore, the information system assesses over 4,000 packages of reported care, 800 requests for cooperation from bankruptcy officers and 150 bulk notifications from employers per day.

National Institutes of Public Health of the Czech Republic Economic-operation system

Solitea Business Solutions has developed an ERP system for National Institutes of Public Health to support health, laboratory and expert services provided by the national institutes. It created a complex economic-operation system including accounting, asset management, stock management, financial reports and more.

The ERP system is also connected with laboratory systems. It automatically issues invoices for performed laboratory operations while taking into consideration all contractual requirements. Working with documents is easier thanks to electronic circulation and approval of documents. Over 200 users use other advanced tools supporting purchase, services, stock and property management.

Thanks to the complex EPS we have a non-stop up-to-date overview of the state and development of all key indicators regarding trade, sale, purchase and finances. Ing. Radim Velička, head of the technical center, Institute of Public Health in seat in Ostrava

AGEL group Vema


The HR information system by Vema is used by all hospitals and other subsidiaries of the AGEL Group. A total of 23 organizations and approximately 8,000 employees use the system via the V4 Cloud service.

Some of the organizations also use payroll outsourcing by Vema.


Technical University of Liberec
Industrial High School and Vocational College Brno, Sokolská 1
Postgradual Education Institute for Medicine
Tulipánová Elementary School, Nitra

Technical University of Liberec ERP and HR, Vema


The university with its 1,100 employees has been a customer of Vema, a.s. since the nineties. It uses the whole ERP system by Vema, including economic applications. The system includes integrated Workflow, which contains an application for recording and approving of business trips.

In addition to the Technical University of Liberec, human resources systems by Vema, a.s., are used by thousands of other schools in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, ranging from kindergartens up to universities. For example, the Payroll application is used by 4,200 schools and educational institutions, and another 300 schools work with the EKOS system.

Industrial High School and Vocational College Brno, Sokolská 1 ERP and HR, Vema

The oldest industrial high school in Moravia has used the HR information system by Vema since 1995 to manage the agenda of 150 employees. Since 2012 it also uses the EKOS system. Furthermore, the school uses these systems via the V4 Cloud service.

In addition to the Industrial High School and Vocational College Brno, HR systems by Vema, a.s., are used by thousands of other schools in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, ranging from kindergartens up to universities. For example, the Payroll application is used by 4,200 schools and educational institutions, and another 300 schools work with the EKOS system.

Postgradual Education Institute for Medicine System for planning of education activities

Solitea Business Solutions has developed a system for the Postgradual Education Institute for Medicine allowing planning of education activities, ranging from announcement of courses, registration and enrollment of students up to testing, assessment and management of electronic indices. The system also includes a portal used by participants to enroll to full-time or long distance courses and e-learning courses.

The system is modular and the Institute can therefore easily extend it or connect it to its other systems and the recording systems of other education providers. Currently it records about 40,000 people with over 100,000 attendances in various physical and e-learning courses. 

Tulipánová Elementary School, Nitra Vema

The Tulipánová Elementary School uses Vema software to manage the agenda for 120 employees. The school uses the Payroll application, as well as the EKOS economic system.

Just like in the Czech Republic, Vema applications are very popular among schools in Slovakia. The system takes into consideration the specific requirements of schools and is used by over 130 elementary schools and over 1,000 high schools via higher territorial units.