April 4, 2016

Solitea buys the Slovenian market leader SAOP, specializing in ERP systems and cloud-based accounting software

The Czech holding Solitea has significantly been strengthening its European operations and has recently acquired a 100% share in the Slovenian company SAOP. At the same time, this is Solitea’s first acquisition that goes beyond the region of the European Union - SAOP has its subsidiaries in Serbia and Turkey as well.

"The acquisition of SAOP fulfills our global strategy, which aims to be ranked among the largest suppliers of accounting, ERP and HR systems in the European region," said Martin Cigler, the Chairman of Solitea. "ERP software systems are increasingly complex solutions and the costs of their analysis, development and testing is growing rapidly. If we want to meet the needs and wishes of our customers and take advantage of all opportunities given by new technologies and cloud, then the only way is globalization, the sharing of know-how, the localization of products for more local markets and consolidation of costs."

SAOP has been operating in Slovenia since 1987 and has branch offices in Croatia, Serbia and Turkey. Last year, it achieved consolidated revenues amounting to 6.5 mil. euros and EBITDA amounting to 1.3 mil. euros and it is one of the most profitable IT companies in the region.

"We see Solitea as a strategic investor who is able to help us with a more rapid development of our company and with the insight of our cloud solutions into other European markets," says Sonja Šinigoj, the executive manager of SAOP. "Making the best use of leverage synergies and shared know-how in development will be very valuable for us, especially in the area of cloud solutions."

SAOP will continue to be in business under its own brand name and under the current management. From the customer’s point of view, there will be no significant changes due to the change in ownership.

"SAOP is an extremely successful company in its field. Therefore, we do not intend to interfere in its functioning and structure in any way. Cooperation will focus especially on the development of new solutions and services and on the establishment of a common approach to customers." adds Michal Rybovič, the Vice Chairman of Solitea.

About Solitea Holding

Solitea, a.s., ranks among the major European suppliers of ICT solutions. The holding includes 15 companies in 7 different countries, employing over 600 people in the European region and serving over 235,000 customers. The holding’s consolidated revenues exceed 34 million EUR. In the last two years, Solitea has held a series of major acquisitions such as in the Czech Republic (Aquasoft, Altus, Cígler Software, JKR, Vema) as well as in Austria (JET ERP). In the long term, Solitea enhances its position of major European supplier of ICT services.

About SAOP

SAOP was founded in 1987 and rose to become the leader of ERP systems on the Slovenian market. SAOP has a strong position on the Croatian and Serbian markets and at the end of 2015 expanded its activities into Turkey. Among the 17 000 customers of its ERP system iCenter include both the corporate sector and the government. The accounting software miniMAX is one of the few products in its category in Europe which has been designed to work in cloud since the very beginning. The company's portfolio completes POS cash register systems SAOPNET POS. The company's financial return has now reached the amount of 6.5 million euros and in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Turkey SAOP employs over 100 people.


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Lukáš Krifta, chief marketing officer, lukas.krifta@solitea.cz, +420 604 222 356



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