August 19, 2019

Solitea has completed the acquisition of DOTYKAČKA and Markeeta EET cash registers, thus dominating the Czech market

Solitea Holding acquired a 53% stake in the Dotykačka Group, which is the manufacturer of the most popular cash register system in the Czech Republic and the Czech number two on the EET cash register market. Dotykačka immediately purchased 100% of the company Smart Software, the supplier of the popular EET cash register Markeeta and the SmartPOS cash register system. The remaining 47% in Dotykačka Holding remains in the hands of Redwood Capital. Solitea has become a clear leader of the Czech EET cash register market, together with their own solution Profi Účtenka.

Solitea has been working with POS systems since 1999, and it has supplied customers on the Czech market with the EET application Profi Účtenka and an advanced POS system, Prodejna SQL. By consolidating these activities with Dotykačka, Markeeta and SmartPOS solutions, Solitea, with its 24,000 customers, has become the leader in the Czech and European market for modern cash registers for small and medium-sized businesses and has strengthened its position in the market for advanced POS solutions for larger customers and chains. Solitea reaches customers of all sizes with its products and provides them with complete supplies, including the necessary hardware and quality service.

Our big advantage is the complete portfolio of products,” said Martin Cígler, Chairman of the Board of Solitea Holding. “We don’t only offer cashier systems to our customers these days – we’re able to manage all their in-house processes thanks to accounting and ERP systems that are clear and interconnected, with quality and fast services. In the near future, we’ll connect both Dotykačka and Markeeta to our iDoklad system, which is number one in the Czech-Slovak market of cloud billing and accounting systems as well as to the Money accounting programs. In the near future, we’d also like to reach out to customers in other markets with Dotykačka and Markeeta, and take advantage of our business opportunity, especially where fiscal laws are changing.”

Solitea is one of the largest producers and suppliers of accounting and business information systems (ERP) in the Central European region for the commercial segment as well as for state and non-profit organizations. It serves hundreds of thousands of small business owners with cloud services iDoklad (in Czech and Slovak) and Minimax (in the Balkans region), while offering complete turnkey outsourcing of salary payments and successfully implements very large, tailor-made projects on the domestic market and abroad.

“We’re excited about the background and product collaborations that this synergy with Solitea brings us. One third of small entrepreneurs has tried iDoklad in the Czech Republic, with which Dotykačka has a lot in common,” added Petr Menclík, CEO of Dotykačka. “In addition to the Czech market, Dotykačka is already operating in Poland and Germany and thanks to Solitea, we can quickly reach many other markets, such as Slovakia and the Balkans region, where Solitea has a large customer base, many popular products and strong local background. Solitea brings us enormous opportunities for growth, the opportunity to better utilize our experience, share know-how and benefit from the synergies of a large technology group.”

"The shift in the introduction of on-line fiscalization in Slovakia together with the entry of Solitea gives us an incredible opportunity to become a major player in the field of smart cash registers in this market," said Bohuslav Paule, CEO of Smart software. “Solitea has a strong background, reputation, history and especially experienced POS consultants in Slovakia. Our cashier systems for medium and large customers are also interesting and our SmartPOS and Prodejna SQL are built on the same technologies, while the integration of these products can accelerate development and bring new opportunities to our customers.

 “The vision of Solitea Holding is to simplify business for companies of all sizes through its products and solutions. The acquisition of both Dotykačka and Smart Software is just another step in fulfilling this vision – a strategic investment that not only makes us one of the leaders of the Czech EET cash register market, but also opens up the cashier systems market in other regions and brings new opportunities for all members of the group. Regarding our operations on the Czech market, we do not currently plan on unifying the Markeeta and Dotykačka products – they complement the market with their functionality. For the smallest customers, we’ll continue to supply the free EET cash register Profiúčtenka in the Czech Republic and Slovakia,” added Martin Cígler. 

From the point of view of the customers and business partners of both companies, nothing changes after the acquisition. The companies will continue to be managed by the original executive management and the activities of both companies on the Czech market will remain unchanged.

About Dotykačka

Dotykačka ČR s.r.o. is a provider of cashier services for small and medium-sized businesses in the Horeca segment, trade and services. The company was founded in 2015 and from a dynamically developing start-up it has become currently one of the European leaders in the market of modern cash register systems. As a successful POS solution developed on the Android platform, it provides entrepreneurs, small and mid-sized businesses with a reliable tool to make their business more efficient. Dotykačka ČR s.r.o. employs 80 people in three countries and serves more than 11,000 paying customers in the Czech Republic. More than 75,000 users have downloaded the Dotykačka application (it also operates under the Dotypos brand outside the Czech Republic). The company currently has sales offices in the Czech Republic, Poland and Germany. Already in 2016, the company ranked among the Czech Best 100. For more info, see

About Smart Software

Smart software s.r.o. was established in 1998 and is already a traditional Czech supplier of advanced cash register systems. It offers a robust, tailor-made SmartPOS product for large customers, chains and franchises that addresses all customer needs, from discount and loyalty systems to connecting to ERP systems and logistics. In the Czech Republic, the company is mainly known for its EET cash register Markeeta, which with 5,000 paying customers and more than 6,000 active users of the free version, makes it among the most widely used solutions for EET on the Czech market. It is built on the Android platform and provides small businesses with functionality previously reserved for complex and cost-intensive systems at a fraction of the financial investment. The company currently employs 40 people. For more info, see

About Redwood Capital

Redwood Capital is a Czech investment studio that manages investments for a narrow circle of long-term partners. This limited circle of investors with a consistent long-term risk profile allows Redwood Group to be free to choose the fields of activity, size and stage of development and the investment horizon of its projects, enabling them to have the ability to respond quickly to market opportunities. Redwood Capital invests primarily in renewable energy and IT technology projects. In addition to Dotykačka, Redwood Capital has also invested in EC Heat, EC Biowat, Auxilien Power, Mindpax and Simplerent, among others. More at

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